“I want to take a moment to thank you and commend you for your trauma / kindness work.

As well, thank you for making the time to present to our staff at our recent Professional day – it was a pleasure to witness your preparation, thoughtful planning, and passion for this work.  Your presentation was engaging, enlightening and well crafted. It was clear you have a real desire for sharing this work; the workshop did a fabulous job connecting the importance of understanding the trauma in the everyday lives of many of our students and how trauma impacts them in multiple ways. As well, you did a masterful job building understanding around what we can do in our work to help students who are experiencing trauma.  As well, you highlighted the idea that trauma is not simply the ‘big T’ cases we are typically aware of, but is often experienced by children both at school or at home on a much more regular basis.

I particularly appreciated your understanding of the importance of ‘beginning with why’ before rushing to ideas and solutions – this is important in everything we do and can be a pitfall in education.  I believe our staff will benefit a great deal both from the ‘science of trauma’ information and the case you made for how necessary it is that we acknowledge its importance.

Last, while there are many things we cannot control as educators, we do have control of many things.  How we choose to plan, act and react are all within our control, can be improved from day to day, and come at no financial cost.”

Doug Smith, Principal, Greater Victoria School District