Self-Care: An Invitation for Your Workplace

This year has been tough. No doubt about it. The more this pandemic continues, the more unsure things seem to be getting. Nerves are shot. Frustrations are high. Anxiety can be crippling. All of the uncertainty comes with big emotions, highs and lows.

Burnout is looming for many of us educators, parents, and anyone on the front lines of this pandemic.

The only way to replenish, is to take some time to explore our needs and to refill our empty cup in an intentional manner.

So, inspired by a principal in the US, I decided to launch a self-care invitation challenge at my school for our staff. Everyone has jumped on board and we will start Monday.

Here’s how it works:

1. Every day, every staff member would have the opportunity to pick a card off of the bulletin board, scratch off the sticker to reveal their challenge, and complete the challenge.
2. They write their name on the card and deposit into a designated jar (located next to the bulletin board display).
3. At the end of the week, we will draw 2-3 names and offer some fun, silly prizes.
While the challenges isn’t about winning prizes, as self care is a gift in itself, it’s a fun way to take some time for ourselves, while creating a cohesive theme for all of us at a busy time of year.

Want to join us and invite your school or workplace to join the self-care challenge, too?

Here is the link to the scratch-and-win cards. Just make a copy and edit as you wish.

Here is a link to the scratch and win stickers you place on top of the cards.

Here’s a link to the instructions, so that you can post them on the bulletin board.

Feel free to share and let me know how your challenge goes!


Morgane Michael

Host of the KindSight 101 Podcast

E 63 – Inspiring a BE KIND Culture (With Roman Nowak)


Ever wonder what the key to engagement for your students can be?

How can connection be the key to achievement for our students?

How do we tear down the incorrect beliefs we have that other teachers are perfect?

Roman Nowak is a highschool teacher in Rockland, Ontario, Canada. A veritable kind of kindness, he hosted the #BEKINDedu chat on twitter with Eli Casaus and now hosts the #buildhope chat, has a blog, and makes kindness his mission.

You’ll learn some actionable ways to infuse kindness into your daily practice as a teacher and practical ways to build positive class culture.

You won’t want to miss this inspiring conversation with Roman Nowak.

You can find him at
Books we talked about:

– Culturize (Jimmy Casas)
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