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Morgane has had the pleasure of speaking and presenting to students, teachers, parents and administrators, and outside organizations about the Small Act Big Impact 21-day Kindness Challenge because she believes that we are all responsible for the cultures in which we learn, work, and live.

Inquiry into Kindness: Bringing the 21-Day Kindness Challenge to Life in Your Classroom

Book a hands-on workshop for your teachers that will bring the Small Act Big Impact 21-Day Kindness Challenge to life by providing research-based rationale for adopting the program, tangible connections to the classroom and outside community, and actionable lessons and tactics that teachers can implement the next school day! Whether teachers wish to commit to the 21 days, 7 days or simply adopt the spirit of the 21-day challenge, this workshop will leave them feeling inspired and will provide them with a roadmap going forward. Together, let’s make a big impact, one small act at a time!

Small Act Big Impact 21-Day Challenge Launch Assembly and School-Based Workshops 

Book this story-based, engaging and inspiring assembly for students to start the 21-Day challenge. Follow-up lessons and planning sessions also available.

(Dependent on Morgane’s availability)