She makes everybody feel like a somebody.

These are a few of the words used by gym-goers to describe Stacy McDougall, owner, operator, and heart of Strength in2 Fitness (SI2F) Gym.


“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others,*” and that’s what Stacy does! She makes it her mission to celebrate and honour each person that walks through the doors of her gym, while encouraging everyone to raise their standards and “suck it up” even when the going gets tough, and ultimately achieve huge success.


Countless clients have experienced tremendous victories in all areas of their lives, as a result of Stacy McDougall’s presence in their lives, making lasting monumental life-style shifts, overcoming fears, and creating life-long friendships. She creates a culture of safety and belonging, where everyone feels significant and capable of anything they put their minds to.


Lisa, one of the talented fitness instructors at SI2F, presented Stacy with a precious gift recently that rendered her totally speechless.

“Stacy is the heart of this amazing community at SI2F. She is someone who is constantly giving her all to everyone else, even when she’s having a bad day herself. I’ve seen her over the last year and a half change people’s life for the better, for some it’s just the eating and exercise, but for most it’s emotionally and mentally as well. We’ve become friends and I decided she needed a reminder just how much she is loved,” explains Lisa.

Over the past few weeks, Lisa had quietly and diligently collected heartfelt comments and anecdotes from clients and compiled them into a beautiful album. This was presented to Stacy one evening just before class along with a plaque that said: “You Are Loved.”


View the video to see Stacy’s priceless reaction and response to Lisa’s inspiring, kind act.



(*Jonathan Swift)

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